Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Everyday items out of Gossip Girl multiple queen street style

In the traditional dictionary, "Queen" is a noble, elegant, beautiful mature female pronoun, and a "Gossip Girl" hit, let "Queen" this noun has a new stylish interpretation.Queen S and Queen B appeared to help people understand the invincible youth, yet powerful Queen of fashion style, let the sisters became the darling in the fashion world, while their daily wear and collocation to lead the fashion trend toward.
If you want to be and they like the queen of fashion, and we learn together with their everyday items out of young and trendy street queen style.
Frank sexy queen style the much-anticipated sexy queen Serena (Blake Lively), life also did not show her sexy figure, style still willfulness atmosphere.
Uniform jacket undoubtedly showed S strong, she love short bottoms with legs, scarves speak canvas shoulder bag, increased the number of optional sense.The black and white colours, S is not too faithful love loud and excessively sweet sensation.

Arrogant beautiful queen style arrogant beautiful little queen Blair (Leighton Meester) are not from the always exquisite noble style queen, life like simple dress, more mature.Even if the choice of colorful flower skirt, also wants to use the massive black to make calm feeling, belt use or have some play retro shadow.

The queen of punk rock style Jenny (Leighton Meester) fashion sense and collocation standard is never subjected to fashion yes, she lives in and the dress style and standard difference is not big, youth, fashionable and sexy.
Punk is Jenny all the time most like dress style of dark blue tones Large Canvas Bags Free Shipping, more of a pure feeling.Since it is a punk style canvas field bag, in addition to locomotive leather, common tie, long necklace, bracelet and so on accessories is also an indispensable.

Personality Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) bad girl image did not appear a lot but left a deep impression, usually in her more like ordinary girl, do not calculate how personality out, simple and decent.


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