Monday, April 9, 2012

2009 autumn and winter the modern Knight Hale wind

2009 autumn and winter, wearing a handsome black take one's ease, like a modern knight.The knight's tough style, performance for the dash contour, black and silver add radiance and beauty to each other, various levels of different fabric with black, as well as the indispensable gloves and boots.

Shoulder pucker design, with black plastic material, an absolute attract sb.'s attention characteristic coat is systemic focus.
Coat, sunglasses D G from Jumpsuit Givenchy LensCrafters Chanel Sergio Rossi bright trousers boots belt Fendi ring Crystallized
Silver metal ornament can be in various forms, neckline, pants edge makes sense full knight.

Dress pants skirt Gucci Marc Jacobs Prada Evita Peroni boots Bracelet
All black, but with different thickness material mix: fur, tulle, Ukraine yarn can coexist.
Fur collar, chiffon shirt Burberry Prorsum black turtleneck dress Jean Paul Gaultier Bracelet Chanel Gold Chain Handbag high-heeled laced boots, Loewe Fendi gloves
Fine workmanship, with a pendant leather fringed skirt Canvas bag for men and women, with classical aristocratic demeanor, and modern dress contrasted with each other.

Cortical fringed skirt pants Fendi Prada Hermes gloves
The season's most popular, is the generalized cortical outfit, when the material details are cool enough, would need to be concise style.
Suede gray vest, skirt cotton canvas bag brands, rivet horsehair gloves, boots All by Loewe belt private goods
Shoulder dress still popular, with cool accessories canvas bag reviews, sleek upgrade.

Dress Hermes necklace, belt Chanel gloves Bally boots Sergio Rossi diamond bracelet Escada ring Loewe
Court sense velvet fabric with Knight's cloak design, integration of female and male temperament.

Velvet dress Escada belt private goods gloves Bally boots Sergio Rossi Evita Peroni Hermes Bracelet Leather Bracelet
Black and silver: the intersection of the IN silver ornament, in the skirt appear.


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