Monday, April 16, 2012

Anja Rubik x MO&Co. Stylish mix season

The autumn of 2010, the MDC Top3 Anja Rubik MO Co top supermodel for interpretation of the latest fashion.MO Co. For fashion fans, always waves find everything fresh and new surprises, and constantly explore, continue to try, constant exciting.

In one episode, including camel coat, Frank personality uniforms windbreaker pants and Haren most hip fashion equipment blockbuster, Anja Rubik wonderful interpretation of the modern personality of transfer under MO Co.
Personality style, handsome, with, as is readily to inadvertently mix, but each one carefully prepared by design from the inside out show not to stick to one pattern sharp fashion sense.
Shoulder posture -- the sharpest aggressive triumph as fashion!
One Piece continues to surprise, like it had put the freaky type.

In the street wearing concept, cowboy shirt with leather jacket, lined with animal prints jacket, almost the pop element in the mix all show.
Locomotive jacket and vest is autumn Shangjie eye-catching items, with Haren trousers collocation girls shoulder bag grey, find everything fresh and new perception.

Leopard with vigour and vitality in the flyover staged, leopard is a kind of attitude, the unique flavor of wild distributed by chic, mix high street sense jeans, collision of young cool new stylish feel.

Autumn is the best season of fashion, is MO Co. Creativity wardrobe.The mix is an interesting subject, derived from mix style, the myriads of changes.In this mix philosophy dominated, high fashion and street fashion gradually dilute limit.
Motivated by a passion for fashion, MO Co. Fully respected a street and high fashion essence of injected vitality in mind.By uniform agitation evolved out of the oversize loose sense coat, triumph profile Napoleon double-breasted coat, and the mixture of rock chic and military detail rock jacket, in response to international fashion uniform cyclone, added MO Co.
Personality style.While Trench (coat) this autumn Shangjie exit rate and high rate of a single product, also be strong down to MO Co. Autumn wardrobe.One Piece winter to crazy, stitching fabric leather jacket outshines the rest, for each fashion fan red Sports backpack for women, MO Co.
Let to personality style set off a never had the Harem boom, will be a sexy complex perspective Georgette inners become irresistible must have items.
Full of surprises. MO Co. Anja Rubik fall fashion in perfect stylish interpretation of new stage.
The current working models, fashion designer Womens canvas handbag grey, magazine creative director multiple identities of A prince, when shooting very appreciated MO Co. This neutral modern fashion and ever-changing mix ideas.Anja said that even if the future have the opportunity, very much hope and MO Co cooperation, the two styles to create new ideas and design.
The love listening to Marilyn Manson, like party, more like playing the creation of the new model Anja Rubik, joined the focus with personality and style of French fashion brand MO Co team, will let people


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